Review: Frozen


Title: Frozen
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Adam Green
Starring: Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore, Kevin Zegers
Runtime: 1 hour 33 minutesWhat It Is? Joe and Dan (Ashmore and Zegers) have been best friend since kindergarten. One thing they’ve always shared is going skiing on Mount Holliston. However this trip which the two BFF’s take in tandem, is a little different. You see Dan has brought his girlfriend Parker (Emma Bell) along. This does not sit well with Joe who has seen Parker inject herself into every other facet of Dan’s life. Joe is resentful of this and persists on ribbing Parker throughout their arrival at Mount Holliston. That is until she convinces the lift attendant Jason (Ed Ackerman) to give them a lift ticket for her and her “friends” Jason is bribed a hundred dollars and obliges thinking the friends are female. As the night is closing the trio decide one last run is in order they convince Jason to give them the last pass. Another attendant warns Jason that the boss is thinking of working him on a day he’s previously requested off for months. Jason tells the attendant that there are still three out there. Three other skier appear from the lower mountain confusing the new attendant. This causes him to shut down the cable car lift system…with our trio still on them and hanging high above the ground. The three don’t initally panic thinking it could be a glitch or something. After some time however they quickly realize they’re stuck up there with only two choices find a way down, or freeze to death.

What We Think? Most horror movies have some sort of baddie picking off our protagonists like fish in a barrel with assorted blunt and sharp object. This film get it’s horror by making us completely vulnerable to a situation we cannot control. Mother nature! It is this lose of control over what is happening that we get scared. I don’t know about you but we here at find things like being stranded in the wilderness, stuck in an area we cannot escape or the like, are far more harrowing experiences then being chased by a maniac carrying some hefty cutlery. Where Frozen really gets you is after the trio are stuck. That’s were the character building begins and were we really get a sense the danger these people are in.

Our Score: B, Solid story and a genuine feel terror make this poorly acted film far more then just bearable. Frozen breaks clichés like cue music when something dire is about to occur, relying on the visual over the auditory to make you hope you never trade seats with any of the folks in this trio. Frozen does a lot with the little substance that’s there, and while it isn’t the most gratifying of films it does what it does well, and I can commend a film for that.

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