FilmSnob: Mirage – Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star


mi·rage [mi-rahzh] noun. – 1. an optical phenomenon, especially in the desert or at sea, by which the image of some object appears displaced above, below, or to one side of its true position as a result of spatial variations of the index of refraction of air.

2. something illusory, without substance or reality.

3. Bucky Larson: Born to Be A Star


You could call it a mix of Alvin & the Chipmunks and Anton Chigurh of No Country for Old Men if you like, but the reality of this film, is Nick Swardson with buck teeth and a wig, trying to make people laugh.

A film that looks better than it seems, is a film that I call, a “mirage” – And this one doesn’t even look like something good in the distance.

It stars Nick Swardson as “Bucky Larson” – an oddball, as it seems from the trailer who is fired from his job as a grocery bagger. After watching “nude movies” with his friends, he finds out that his parents were at one time, porn stars. This leads him to believe that he needs to move to Hollywood to become a porn star.

Bucky Larson is directed by Tom Brady. Brady also directed films, The Comebacks, The Animal and The Hot Chick. All of them considered to be flops.

While Swardson is best known for his stand-up, last year, he debuted his show, Pretend Time on Comedy Central. None of his projects, I have found to be terribly funny, therefore I see this Happy Madison production to be a “Mirage.” The rest of the cast seems to lack as well. Christina Ricci, Don Johnson and Stephen Dorff co-star. It is to be released September 9th of this year.



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