Review: 21 Jump Street


Title: 21 Jump Street
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Starring: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube
Runtime: 1 hr 49 mins

What It Is: Former High school adversaries big man on campus Jenko (Tatum) and ubër-nerd Schmidt (Hill) are now Cops on the beat. And while each lacks something Jenko the brains and Schmidt any semblance of athleticism together they both possess something completely unique. However they cant help but stumble and bumble through life as rookies, and in fact struggling so mightily that they’re forced into an undercover program tracking a new illegal hallucinogen through the high school system a program headquartered at…you guessed it 21 Jump Street. Only problem…they have to do so while posing as high school students. Jenko is initially thrilled to hear this as it gives him a second chance to be the “man” on campus, while Schmidt fears the ridicule and bullying of his initial trip will lead to much the same this go around. However a lot has changed in the ten years since they were last students a fact that I doubt either was prepared for.

What We Think: Funny all round not just from our two leading men but from the cast of others as well. The quick cut direction style works in this sense, and jokes made at the expense of the action genre are funny, and the rest of the jokes rarely miss their mark. I went in expecting one man in the duo to play the stereotypical straight man what I got instead was both men playing each role at different times in the film. As well Lord and Miller’s breakneck quick cuts make the film feel quick with the exception of the middle which doesn’t move nearly as fast as it should and tend to linger.

Our Grade: A-, A sagging build up doesn’t hurt a great start and a thrilling denouement. The cameos from former Jump Street cast members Holly Robinson-Peete, and Johny Depp are a welcomed surprise, and Ice Cube for once gets to play a hard ass fitting of his gangster rap roots. 21 Jump Street is one to watch,as its packed with so many laughs you’ll be LOL & ROFLing and enough good action scenes to make you say H.F.S. all in all this is in our opinion the best comedy of the year thus far.

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