Review: Her

Title: Her
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Spike Jonze
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams
Runtime: 2 hrs

What It Is: Theodore Twombly (Phoenix) is a lonely man, one who knows no solace outside his own misery. Separated from his wife Catherine (Rooney Mara) and confused by humanity, and its social connections Theodore stays introverted.Even his best friend Amy (Adams) is stupefied by what exactly has happened to “theold Theodore” One day on his way home he spots a new computer operating system known as OS1, the most personal OS ever created, a few questions later we are introduced to his OS known as Samantha (Johansson). What ensues between these two can only be experienced as they try, and succeed in finding happiness within one and other, and surprisingly both end up learning about themselves more than each other.

What We Think: Joaquin Phoenix gives a performance worthy of a golden statue, but I fear the Academy has otherplans for Oscar this year. Johansson as well makes Samantha feel like more than just a voice from a box, and truly deserves a nomination if not for that whole not actually showing up on screen thing. Adams is almost unrecognizable here as Amy, she will get Award nods, but not for this particular turn. Watch the film that is what I think plain and simple. It’s director Jonze’s best film since Adaptation, and the most unique, poignant, and accurate (devastatingly so) love story to come along since Michel Gondry made us ponder if we actually could erase people from our memory in the most literal of ways.     

Our Grade: A+, This is cinema, taking an obscure plot, mixing in wonderful performances that go above the material, and formulate something original, fun, and emotional. If this doesn’t punch you in the feels you have no soul, and like our girl Samantha mayas well lack a body. Everything in this film points to a cast and director making a film they wanted to make, and doing so exactly how they wanted to doit! Enough with the remakes, and trilogies I want more stuff that makes metruly feel something. A film that makes life’s situation real, tangible. There’s enough escapism in cinema, let’s get a dose of reality, Her does this, and I’d like to thank Spike Jonze and cast for this. His Magnum Opus!


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