Box Office: Cap Gets Put In His Place By “The Other Woman”


Captain America: Winter Soldier finally met his match and it came in the form of Cameron Diaz and her band of not-so-marry(ed) woman. 
In his fourth week in theaters the Cap pulled 16.2 million not good enough to win the week after barely escaping Rio 2 the previous two weeks with no other real competition. However it was a gaggle of goofy ladies that snagged the box office.  
Raking in a strong 24.8 million dollars in it’s opening week the RomCom will be profitable for it’s studio despite being panned by critics. We skipped the screening for this one so don’t ask us if it’s any good. It should be no surprise that Cap finally got dethroned after three weeks on top and with everyone having seen it that will it comes has no surprise. With the world’s favorite web-slinger impending and Neighbors the week after that we don’t expect The Other Woman to hold strong, and Cap to pull a few million more before he takes his leave.
Finishing out the top three this weekend with another surprisingly strong performance is the Christian film Heaven Is For Real collecting another 9.4 million running it’s total to 53.4 million a great haul for a film that only cost  12.4 million to make. 

What’s going to finish at number 1 this week. Odds are it’ll be The Amazing Spiderman 2 and our first potential tank of the summer COULD be Walk of Shame unless you count Transcendence that is.     

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