Review: Dom Hemingway


Title: Dom  Hemingway
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Richard Shepard
Starring: Jude Law, Emilia Clarke, Richard E. Grant
Runtime: 1 hr 33 minsWhat It Is: Dom Hemingway is one of the world’s finest safe crackers, and if you ask him…the finest. However he’s just gotten finished with a 12-year stint for not ratting on crime boss Ivan Fontaine, who is indebted to Dom for his service. Sadly while he was in jail Dom’s daughter became an adult, and a mother, and his loving wife got with another man before dying of cancer. All of these actions have made Dom a bitter bitter man, one hell bent on getting his money, and possibly driving himself into a coma.

What We Think: Law goes on ahead and feast on every scene he’s in, but the supporting cast isn’t all that strong.  Outside of Clarke who shows us a side we don’t see of Game of Thrones (and considering that show there isn’t many sides we haven’t seen) her scorned anger toward her father is palpable. Richard Grant’s Dickie is also an interesting character. I just feel like there was no explanation of his history with Dom, nor any other pertinent info on him so he lacked importance.

Our Grade: C-, While Jude Law shines the script is his own worst enemy here as he takes the dialogue above what it’s worth. Here the performances elevates the material. Some interesting shots can’t cover for the milk toast writing, and loose ends that Shepard doesn’t bother to tie up. Dom Hemingway opened last Friday in EXTREMELY limited release (4 theaters to count) so hopefully it’s opening up near you soon so you can see this one for yourself. Or you could just go see Captain America: Winter Soldier which we reviewed HERE

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