Best Picture Winners Part 1 (of 87): Wings


Title: Wings
Year: 1927
Starring: Clara Bowe, Charles Rogers, Gary Cooper
Director: William A. Wellman
Runtime: 2 hrs 24 mins (Restored)

Is It Any Good?: It’s fantastic. Charming in every way possible. What it lacks in words it makes up for in cutting edge visuals and a great screenplay. We get an odd little love triangle in which Mary (Bowe) has a crush on Jack (Rogers), while Jack has unrequited love for Sylvia (Jobyna Ralston), and instead Sylvia loves David. As World War I gets into full swing David and Jack are both called to duty leaving Mary behind. She doesn’t like that idea and decides to enlist as an ambulance driver of sorts. All this to be closer to Jack. Here’s where not only the comedy but the brilliant action scenes take place.

Memorable Quote: Mary: “D’you know what you can do when you see a shooting star…you can kiss the girl you love!”
Competition: Not so stiff. It was only up against 2 other films one was The Racket whose only existing copy was found here in Las Vegas at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Go Rebels! This film was banned in Chicago during it’s original run due to it’s portrayal of police corruption. And the other film was the very strong 7th Heaven which in 1995 got selected and placed in the National Film Registry.
What do you guys think. Would you like to see us make it all the way to this years best picture winner? What about the format? Let us know in the comments below!

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