Review: Blended


Title: Blended
MPPA Rating: PG-13
Director: Frank Coraci
Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Wendi McLendon-Covey
Runtime: 1 hr 57 mins

What It Is: Lauren (Barrymore) is the newly divorced mother of two boys. Jim is a father of three girls whose wife lost a battle to cancer. They are on a first date, and a disastrous one at that. I mean he took her to Hooter’s…HOOTERS! Now with that disaster out of the way they can go back to their own lives. She as a member of the “Closet Queens” her business and he managing a Dick’s Sporting Goods. Apparently there’s a trip to Africa in here, of which both parties end up with tickets too. We won’t talk about the mix-up because the director didn’t feel the need to either. On said trip these two people who couldn’t stand one and other on a ten minute date are now stuck in Africa with one and other…comedy ensue…I guess.
What We Think: Oh man! I’ll be the first person to go to bat for this pairing as I love The Wedding Singer in fact it is my very favorite Adam Sandler film, and 50 First Dates is an acceptable romantic comedy in a sea of awful that is Sandler at that point who was making tons of box office dough off making us feel stupid with films like Anger Management, Mr. Deeds, and Little Nicky. Here that endearment from the previous two endeavors is completely gone. In it’s place we get hollow sentimentality, and forced chemistry. There are scant laughs to be found here, and what is found once again comes from the same guy that almost saved Walk of Shame Kevin Nealon.
Our Grade: D+, It fails to garner (m)any laughs and if your into stupid Adam Sandler humor it’s at a premium here. Barrymore tries really hard to be charming but isn’t given much in the way of dialogue. You’d be hard pressed to find an original joke here, and they even repeat the same joke within this film. Overall it isn’t anything other then old hat for Sandler.


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