Review: Tracks



Title:  Tracks
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: John Curran
Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver, Lily Pearl
Runtime: 1 hr 52 mins

What It Is: A young woman named Robyn Davidson (Wasikowska) sets out on a 1,700-mile journey across the deserts of Western Australia. To supply her voyage National Geographic Magazine sends photographer Rick Smolan to periodically check in on Robyn. Throughout her voyage, Robyn will face many perils brought on by both nature, and her own loneliness, despite having her dog with her. Her journey is a long one and her intentions are never directly specified. We don’t know exactly why she’s taking this trek, but we’re along for the ride throughout!

What We Think: Mia Wasikowska is absolutely stunning in this film. She has to carry it practically by herself and she does just that. Not only is her performance poignant and beautiful, but it’s powerful. Her nuance captured perfectly by Curran camera. Alongside that is Mandy Walker’s incredible cinematography. We’ll admit even when she’s framing a terrible film such as Australia, or Red Riding Hood that those movies are visually stunning. In this Australia becomes a character, almost a villain of sorts it’s Robyn against this continents fierce heat, wind, and dry land. With no water to speak of in certain areas, it’s almost a godsend when we see Robyn find some of the wet stuff

Our Grade: B-, It kind of lags but seems like an inherent flaw in the writing. Wasikowska takes whats shes given and elevates this thing spectacularly. Driver is good in his role, though it is somewhat limited. This guy’s been killing it in everything he’s been in. Wasikowska is much the same the last three things this included she’s been excellent. The other two were the amazing Only Lovers Left Aliveand Stoker. She’s got a huge career left in front of her and we look forward to seeing it blossom!

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