Review: Dumb and Dumber To


Title: Dumb and Dumber To
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: The Farrelly Brothers
Starring: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Laurie Holden
Runtime: 1 hr 49 mins

What Is It: Harry and Lloyd are back and we get to catch up with our favorite idiots. It’s 20 years later and Lloyd has been in a “coma”, Harry visits him as he as for the last two decades only to find out it was all an elaborate joke by Lloyd. Harry has news for Lloyd revolving around his need for a kidney, but that’s not all! Upon returning home they visit Harry’s “parents” who give his mail. In that mail is an old postcard from 1991 from Fraida Felcher. In the postcard Fraida tells Harry she is pregnant, and after talking with her about it they’ve discovered she was put up for adoption and so Harry and Lloyd set out to find her, each with different motives. Harry to find his daughter, and Lloyd to marry her.

What We Think: I had such high hopes! This just isn’t a funny movie. None of the jokes really connected, and I chuckled maybe twice. There isn’t much in this film going on besides Daniels, and Carrey’s chemistry which much as it was in 94 still very good. Sadly they had nothing to work with. I really believe the Farrelly Brothers have forgotten how to direct a major motion picture. They’ve not made a compatent film in several years (Fever Pitch in 2005) they have not made a good flick since 1998’s There’s Something About Mary. That’s a long time to go without making anything people really like. The issue (I believe) stems from their reliance on immature jokes and toilet humor. These can work if coupled with good direction and comic timing. Only the timing was present here as Carrey and Daniels have and impeccable sense of comedy.

Our Grade: D+, This movie truly failed to do anything with it’s cast. When you have Rob Riggle in a car with Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey the scene SHOULD leave me rolling. It didn’t however and instead I just got a sense like they were trying to make me laugh instead of just doing it. I’ve lost all hope of the Farrelly’s figuring this directing thing out. One can hope that the next project for the two leads is funnier, or better put together than this catastrophy.

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