Netflix Review: Daredevil Season 1


Title: Daredevil
Number of Episodes: 13
Network: Netflix
Starring: Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Vincent D’Onofrio

What It Is: Matt Murdock is a lawyer fresh out of law school and he is also a man whose handicap hasn’t become a detriment to his ability to learn, and obviously pass the bar. What his friends don’t know is that he dresses up in black and becomes a vigilante hellbent on cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen. As the man in black Murdock is now facing an enemy with the both resources and backbone to turn Hell’s Chicken upside down. This man named Wilson Fisk has a plan and Murdock’s vigilant alter ego has no place in it. Something has to give, and will it be our blind avenger or his nemesis?

What We Think: Marvel’s outdone themselves here, and likewise Netflix continues a legacy of excellent original programming. Charlie Cox is great at potraying Murdock, and his other personality. He does a great job of making you root for him, and you understand where his line in the sand is. D’Onofrio is not subtle at all as Fisk in fact he eats scenary like a man the size of the Kingpin would a smorgasbord. He does enough that we aren’t sure he’s truly the bad guy. Great acting from most of the cast, and a gritty, not flashy style get this show top marks. This is not the norm for Marvel there’s some comedy but not enough that it changes the tone of the show.

Our Grade: A-, I truly believe Netflix has a hit on it’s hand and with three more series in development or shooting currently for Marvel this could be the start of a great universe on the small screen. I am looking very forward to Iron Fist, AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and a possible Defenders series. This could be fun and intersting, but it’ll definitely be different from the MCU.

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