Review: Before We Go


Title: Before We Go
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Chris Evans
Starring: Chris Evans, Alice Eve, Emma Fitzpatrick
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins 

What It Is: When Brooke (Eve) misses her train she’s basically stranded in New York City overnight until the next one comes in the morning. Enter trumpet playing stranger Nick who just so happens to have gathered the remains of Brooke’s cellphone. In returning it to her he tries to help her find someplace to rest until morning. Brooke however needed to be home in Boston by the morning in order to “save her marriage.” Meanwhile Nick has a very important audition, one that could change his life, in the morning.

What We Think: Evans being a first timer in the directors chair is evident all over this puppy. In particular it seems he took the best parts of some really good smaller romantic comedies and placed them in his film. From the oddball pairing to the secrets slowly unraveled it’s derivative in every sense of the word. Frankly speaking however it is a far tighter film then one would anticipate, that much is for sure. Evans directs himself well, but the script (written by Ronald Bass) doesn’t hold enough water to make you give anything to its characters.

Our Grade: C, Well enough but not one to write home about about. I’d recommend this if you’re a huge fan of the indie RomCom formula, you’ll see quite a bit you’re used to. In all honesty this film with a bit less contrived a narrative, and some better direction could’ve had potential. It’s obvious Evans gets to stretch himself a bit which is certainly something good for all of us, specifically myself a huge Captain America fan. Alice Eve is unexceptional here, but her character was flat to begin with. She’s so underwritten it is truly a disappointment. It hides too many secrets and never gives itself enough time for them to really matter, but overall it makes a decent watch just to see an Avenger behind the camera.

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