Review: Violent


Title: Violent
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Andrew Huculiak
Starring: Dagny Backer Johnsen, Mari Sofie Andreassen, Karl Bird
1 hr 42 mins
What It Is: When a young woman named Dagny (Backer Johnsen) is going through a traumatic event she recalls the five people who loved her. From her little sister to her grandfather, and everyone else we’re given an insider look at her life and existence as it has been up until that particular moment in time. We’ll also get a sense of what this moment feels like. The water, electricity and the sound of a humming fridge all culminating in this minuscule second in time.

What We Think: Directed by Andrew Huculiak, singer for Canadian indie band We Are the City this film looks at its subjects through a lens of beauty. From the cinematography right down to the precision production design this is a beautiful film. Thematically it was a very nice breath of fresh air. Working almost as an anthology of life moments within our lead characters life. Within this is home to moments that are both poignant and heartbreaking. This is a young woman who, in a short time, has been through some things.

Our Grade: B+, A pleasant surprise for sure, but this is a film whose themes are not for everyone. It’s a dense film lead by an interesting protagonist. I’m going to totally recommend you see the film, but I’ll preface that with a pay attention because if you don’t you will be lost. In addition the film is in Norwegian so that is another good reason to keep yourself engaged. I look forward to more from both director and star, this is a good start for both. From my understanding the film itself is a companion piece to We The City’s album released simultaneously.

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