Review: Eddie the Eagle


Title: Eddie the Eagle
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Dexter Fletcher
Starring: Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, Tom Costello
Runtime: 1 hr 46 mins

What It Is: Ever since Eddie Edwards (Egerton) was a little boy he’s dreamt of being an Olympian. Always being too small, or too awkward for whatever summer events he tried he started to realize that perhaps the Winter Olympics were a more attainable goal. Starting off as a downhill skier he is quickly dismissed from the English team despite being very promising. As this dream ends he tries his hand ski-jumping. This dangerous and with that stupid goal may end badly. As he gains a coach in a former American jumper Bronson Peary (Jackman) who will try to see him in Calgary.

What We Think: This is an incredibly interesting story. I did not think this would be something I’d enjoy, but dammit it sucked me in. Taron Egerton is rather charming, probably more than he needs to be. It’s something that both hinders and helps the film. Hugh Jackman is charming if slightly underutilized. So rarely now do I get to catch a glimpse that so eloquently displays happiness. Even when it seems like our hero won’t accomplish anything he miraculously does. How is it that this guy is able to make it to te Olympics let alone actually compete.

Our Grade: B-, Not a perfect film, far from it. This is just a nice little piece cinema. A smaller film that hits enough right notes to warrant a recommendation. See this if and when you get a chance. Often films leave a feeling and it is one of sadness of despair. Here I felt happy, accomplished like I could go out there and possibly achieve any goal I wanted to. This is a much more powerful film than one would think.

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