Interview: “It Had to Be You” Writer/Director Sasha Gordon


We were privileged to be able to interview writer/director Sasha Gordon about her film It Had to Be You which you can read our review of by going clicking on THIS. Normally a composer this is her directorial debut. Without further ado let’s get to the good stuff.

FSR: So in the film there’s a very empowering message for women that even if he wants to put a ring on it sometimes you’re just not ready. When you were developing the treatment is that something you actively sought to foster?

SG: For me the message is more about the dissonance between what society/pop culture expects of women in a given situation and the reality. I grew up with a lot of movies/magazines/commercials that propagated the idea that every woman is dying to get married and fantasizing about the moment when she’ll be proposed to. I wanted to show a more nuanced side to that milestone. Like any big life moment it can be confusing, overwhelming etc … and I think feeling that you’re “supposed” to be experiencing just one simple emotion just adds pressure to an already potentially stressful moment.

FSR: As a writer how fun was flipping the gender expectations on their heads?

SG: I didn’t consciously flip the gender expectations I just told a story that was very close to home for me/inspired by my own bumpy road to I do.

FSR: From my research I found that you’re a composer yourself so having said that how much of Sonia is inspired by you?

SG: I would say 60% of Sonia is inspired by my personal experience and 40% by my closest female friends.

FSR: This cast is great can you describe working with Cristin (Milioti) and maybe provide an interesting story from on set?

SG: Cristin was a pro – smart, funny, dedicated – wonderful to work with. 

FSR: The film falls within the realm of the “romantic comedy” a genre I’m a huge fan of but that frankly has a stigma to it. What are some films, for you in this genre that you look to a can call a masterpiece?

SG: “Annie Hall” probably was my biggest inspiration. “When Harry Met Sally” is a classic, I don’t know about masterpiece, but definitely top of the genre. I also love “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and 

FSR: Looking into your filmography you’ve worked extensively as a composer and since we’re talking favorite any musicals or musical moments in film that stick out to you as favorites. 

SG: I love all the music if Nino Rota, Enio Morricone. Fellini’s films use music in a magical way; it’s always been an inspiration to me.

FSR: Lastly in the favorite film area if you could only have two films with you to view on a deserted island for all of eternity what would you choose.

SG: I don’t know that I would choose a film. If I could choose anything I would choose a season of “30 Rock”. But if it had to be films, probably “Tootsie” and “Bourne Identity”.

FSR: Having a small budget can often make the creation of movies more difficult what sort of difficulties did you face, what was done to overcome these.  

SG: It was quite hard to accommodate all the locations we had in the film given the budget. Going to Italy was particularly challenging. But I had a wonderful producer, Rachel Brenna, and team around me that worked incredibly hard stretching our resources to meet our needs and getting favors etc …

FSR: Finally would you mind pitching to the audience why they need to see “It Had to Be You” as soon as possible.

SG: Well, if you love rom coms, but were losing faith in the genre, I think “It Had To Be You” is a refreshing return to when rom coms were great but with a modern twist in plot and style of humor.

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