Review: Fallen Stars


Title: Fallen Stars
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Brian Jett
Starring: Ryan O’Nan, Michelle Ang, Leslie David Baker
Runtime: 1 hr 28 mins

What It Is: Cooper (Nan) is 36 and is celebrating ten years at his bartending job. Daisy (Ang) is in her early twenties, bright and socially awkward she is also an unfocused mess. These two very different people will form a friendship that features the two being exactly who the other one needs to try and survive in this crazy world and the crazy city of Los Angeles. Perhaps they may even figure out life along the way.

What We Think: It falls into a formula and tends to stay there. Sometimes that can be a good thing. Not here though. It seems a bit lazy. Almost like there wasn’t enough there to stretch the script to its thin runtime. The performances are not exactly lighting the world on fire. Michelle Ang particular is a bit wooden. I think that the script is really the worst part of it. Parts of this could have been really interesting with a bit more seasoning. When you look at the pacing that is pretty standard and it all moves the way you’d expect it to.

Our Grade: D+, Not a great example of a romantic comedy it is sufficient enough to be a good time waster. I cannot give a recommendation to this film. It’s not a great film nor one that is particularly original. Without giving anything away I’m fairly certain you can all pick out what is going to happen in this picture. In fact, I recommend you try that to make the film more enjoyable. Let me know how right you were on the social medias. You know where to find me but just in case you don’t it’s @FilmSnobReviews on Insta, Twitter, and Facebook.

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