Review: Gifted

Title: Gifted
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Marc Webb
Starring: Chris EvansMckenna Grace, Jenny Slate
 1 hr 41 mins

What It Is: When Frank Adler’s (Evans) brilliant mathematician of a sister ends her life she leaves behind her very young daughter Mary (Grace). This young girl now about 7 years old has shown an acumen for math much like her mom. Her teacher Bonnie (Slate) makes this opinion known which leads to offers at premiere learning facilities. Now a custody battle between the uncle that essentially raised her and the grandmother who wants to give her a great life, perhaps at the expense of her youth and social skills.

What We Think: Man this film is terribly cliched. Given my description of the plot above you could totally pick out what happens throughout the plot. With that said it is charming throughout its rather svelt runtime. Chris Evans does a good job here and Jenny Slate steps out of her usual raunchier fair. Mckenna Grace for what she has to do pulls it off with enough effort and spirit that you’re not annoyed by her. Octavia Spencer is underutilized, grossly so. I did not like the script. It was all a bit too easy. Marc Webb really didn’t stretch himself and we’re a bit away from the brilliance of (500) Days of Summer at this point.

Our Grade: C+, Mediocrity is what I’d use to best describe this. Webb doesn’t do anything interesting. This had a solid cast but it was buried by the script. Writer Tom Flynn did nothing interesting and that’s super disappointing. We’ll always have far less predictable work from all involved here. I don’t know that I can recommend this. It isn’t bad but it is by no means any good either. With that said this obvious tearjerker may just get you to weep slightly. So if you’re into that this may just hit the spot for you.