Review: BnB Hell


Title: BnB Hell
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Andrew Jordan
Starring: Kimberly Woods, Jessica Graham, Timothy Lee DePriest
Runtime: 1 hr 30 min
What It Is: BnB Hell is a brand new indie horror film about a young girl named Willa (Woods) who goes on the hunt for her missing sister and ends up at an eerie and run down bed and breakfast run by an ill-tempered woman named Mommy. When she discovers hidden messages left by past residents, dark and unsettling secrets soon begin to surface.

What We Think: I’m not the biggest horror fan but I know a horror movie cliche when I see one. They try to hide the obvious twist that’s been done a million times before and take a generic and boring route to execute it. This could have been better if it had been executed correctly. The movie is very by the book and stays in its comfort zone and never really tries anything new. What really kills the movie is that it has nothing new or noteworthy to offer. It never takes any risks in the plot and just plays it safe. The acting wasn’t great, the two leads were decent but far from good. Some of the acting was better than others but I thought that the two leads did a decent job with what they had. The main villain Mommy (Stanzione) felt underused and cliche to a point where she was very predictable and boring. Not gonna lie there was one or two jump scares that got me but there wasn’t a lot overall and the two just got me by surprise. The characters are not exactly the smartest and didn’t make the best choices. The concept was interesting and it could’ve been the saving grace of the movie, but sadly it was not.

Our Grade: D+, In the end, BnB Hell looks and feels like its been done before and doesn’t do anything unique with the format and feels rehashed. Nevertheless it was enjoyable for a one time watch but doesn’t go farther than that. I would recommend this to any horror movie lover who just wants a quick watch with a couple scares and a creepy and eerie premise.

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