Review: Friend Request


Title: Friend Request
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Simon Verhoeven
Starring: Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, and Brit Morgan
Runtime: 1hr 32 mins

What It Is: Laura (Carey), befriends a girl from psychology class who doesn’t have a lot of friends. When a friend request is sent on Facebook by the girl and Laura accepts it, all hell breaks loose. Marina is an outsider who has no friends and clings to the newfound friendship she has with Laura. Marina thinks her and Laura are better friends than they are and gets mad when Laura flips out on her for being a clinger. Marina, later on, commits suicide and uploads the video on Laura’s Facebook. Slowly Ma Rina wants Laura to know what it feels like to be all alone and one by one anyone close to Laura feels the wrath of Marina.

What We Think: Think of any cheesy horror movie you have seen in the last ten years and this movie is it. The cliché of scary movies has become so predictable and sometimes embarrassing. The movie has a couple cheap scares but does nothing in the world of a decent storyline.  If you’ve watched the preview, you’ve seen enough of the movie.

Our grade: D-, Friend Request reminded me exactly of the film that came out a couple years ago called Unfriended. Either way the cliché of horror movies in the last ten years has made this genre a failing one. I just wish these companies would put together better scary movies. I have one simple request: avoid this. I have seen better acting in adult movies and that’s saying something.



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