Review: The Foreigner

Title: The Foreigner
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Martin Campbell
Starring: Jackie Chan, Katie Leung, and Pierce Brosnan
Runtime: 1hr 54 min

What It Is: Quan Ngoc Minh (Chan) drives his daughter to the dress shop to pick up a dress for her dance. Several minutes later an explosion goes off tragically killing Quan’s daughter. Quan finds out that the official IRA is taking responsibility for the horrific scene. Quan sees Liam Hennessy (Brosnan) has former ties to the IRA which lead Quan to locate Hennessy. The rest of the movie plays out more of a cat and mouse as Quan is trying to get answers from Hennessy that may help him locate the men who were responsible for the death of his daughter. Quan, as a man with nothing to lose, goes on a journey he may not come back from.

What We Think: This movie delivers. The acting that Jackie Chan did in this movie to convey the hurt a father goes through losing a daughter is truly remarkable. You feel his pain. You go on his journey with him to find redemption and answers. Chan does an incredible job in the film. It is a lot different than some of his earlier work, ie: Rumble in the Bronx, Super Cop, and the Rush Hour series. Chan brings a new level to his career in this movie and you buy it. Pierce Brosnan delivers a solid performance as a British government official, who spends the majority of the movie on the run from Chan.

Our Grade: B+, It was nice seeing Jackie Chan test his range as an actor. The majority of Chan’s films in the later 90s were all the same formula: action scenes plus martial arts equals an entertaining film. Yes, you get some of the martial arts in the film but it’s more of Jackie Chan’s acting that carries this film. I am so happy that he has put this movie out because it does show just how good of an actor Chan can be. The movie commands your attention from start to finish.  Do yourself a favor and go see this movie and I guarantee you will not leave disappointed.