Review: Tiger Girl


Title: Tiger Girl
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Jakob Lass
Starring:  Ella RumpfMaria-Victoria DragusEnno Trebs
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins

What It Is: When young Vanilla (Dragus) fails her police academy physical she’s down on her luck. That is until she meets a lighting rod named Tiger (Rumpf) who changes her entire perspective. Now the two are trying to navigate this craziness that is life and through each other, as friends, they may find exactly what they are seeking. Vanilla the badge she seeks and Tiger perhaps some sort of stability. Really anything, or anyone to attach to.

What We Think: Rumpf and Dragus simply deliver. It is their chemistry that keeps his entire thing afloat and the both of them deliver. Looking at the story it’s barebones, sure, but it nonetheless has a sort of freshness to it. Europe never looked so posh and at the same time threatening. One piece of information I think needs mentioning is that it is said all of the dialogue was improvised. If that’s the case that is a stunner of a fact. I loved a lot of it and found it came off naturally, perhaps that’s why. It reminded me a bit of Victoria, except without the one-shot gimmick which killed that films momentum for me.

Our Grade: B-, A bit of a surprise to say the least. It was a film that I knew nothing about going in and was surprised with what I got walking out. If you get a chance I can recommend you check this one out for sure. I think you’ll find yourself surprised by what the film has to offer and certainly, you’ll enjoy the natural performances from our two leading ladies. If you love Rumpf in this I’d also suggest Raw one of 2017’s best horror flick. She’s pretty good in that as well.

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