Review: Annie Waits (Short) + Interview with Producer/Actress April Kelley


Title: Annie Waits
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Marnie Paxton
Starring: Andrew SimpsonSam Swainsbury, April Kelley
Runtime: 9 minutes

What It Is: Annie is a twentysomething just trying to figure out her life. She has figured out that her dating tends to follow an unenthusiastic trend. Jokes are made and laughed at. Stories shared and forgotten. Much MUCH sex is had. But that wears thin quickly as she’s found out. Whenever commitment seems imminent a slight anxiety tends to befall her. She has to get out quickly. Commitment isn’t for her. “It’s not you it’s me” anything to get out of having to stay in that relationship.

What We Think: This is an enjoyable little short. At only 9 minutes you can certainly fit it into your day. Not only does April Kelly give a rather good performance its all rather funny. The whole thing is just fantastic. It’s a fresh take on woman and relationships and one that is expertly directed by Marnie Paxton’s sharp eye for detail. Right on down to the jokes that permeate every single scene. April Kelley is an actress I look forward to seeing more and now that we’re official besties that should happen.

Our Grade: B+, A very fun short that at only 9 minutes should make for a fun watch. As you’ll see in our exclusive interview with the lovely and charming Ms. Kelley there’s more to come and I look forward to seeing what that is. Check this one out when it debuts to the public or if you’re interested in a laugh let me or April know and I’m sure she’d be happy to share a link with you. Thanks to April for her time and letting us spend 15 minutes with her. Check this one out for sure it’s a fun, funny look into the female psyche. A place no man dare attempt to understand.

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