Review: Jim & Andy The Great Beyond


Title: Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond
MPAA Rating: TV-MA
Director: Chris Smith
Starring: Jim CarreyDanny DeVitoMilos Forman
Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

What It Is: A documentary chronicling Jim Carrey’s portrayal of comedian Andy Kaufman in 1999’s Man on the Moon. Carrey went all in on on the role. Going full method he would not answer to anything the name Andy. This documentary looks into this role, one Carrey won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical/Comedy. With in-depth interview from cast and crew including director Milos Foreman, we get a much better insight into one of the late 90’s true biopic gems and one hell of a performance.

What We Think: Carrey was amazing in the film and learning about what his thoughts and feelings were within this role was fantastic to me. There’s a real sense that Carrey is perhaps a very different person from who we THINK he is. He seems like a strange man, but not in the lovable way I think we perceive him. More in a way where he’s probably hurting slightly. You have to see the documentary to truly understand what I mean when I say this.

Our Grade: A-, An exploration of the grandest kind. A journey through the mind of an actor who’s an enigma for sure. Perhaps even more then we could’ve even assumed. This film is easy to access given that it is available on Netflix and I would recommend you seek it out whenever you get a chance. In addition Man on the Moon is an incredible biopic in its own right. So check that one out too. Carrey, for me is a genius and he seems to be creating that genius from a wholly darker place then I assumed initially. Highly recommend this one!

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