Review: Picture Wheel (Short)


Title: Picture Wheel
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: David O’Donnell
Starring: James Hoare, Elena Satine, David O’Hara
Runtime: 13 mins

What It Is: In this world, people must carry the burden of others with them at all times. What I mean by that is that until someone can get over their heartbreak it is placed on a picture wheel around their head. When our protagonist runs into a mysterious homeless man outside his work building this guy, asking for money, might be someone who can help with his struggle to get over it. Or maybe the lady in red can help with this instead.

What We Think: A really interesting premise for a short film this is a world I’m more than intrigued to explore further. From it’s uniquely told narrative to the shot selection everything in this feel very refreshing and I look forward to whatever this crew, and especially the director, do next. I think that the concept works really well, even with the facials being impeded all the emotions hit and overall this was a rather well-written script. Well-shot and well-structured. Perhaps the lack of dialogue is my only real gripe here. Though plenty was said without words.

Our Grade: A-, A package that when places altogether I can HIGHLY recommend. If you get the privilege of checking this out DO SO. I can promise you will find the experience good as a whole. This is certainly a short that packs in an emotional punch and whose central message is unmistakable. A good recommendation and a huge thank you to director David O’Donnell for this one, and to the San Diego International Film Festival for the ability to check this one out. Without these outlets, great shorts and features would fall by the wayside. Also be sure to know that getting over he or she is hard, but don’t let it hold you back. 

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