Review: For The Love of George


Title: For The Love of George
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Maria Burton
Starring: Nadia JordanRex LeeRosanna Arquette
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins

What It Is: Poppy’s (Jordan) husband Stephen cheats on her she decides that a trip to Los Angeles is in order. While visiting her old friend Justin (Lee) she decides its time to look for the real man of her dreams…actor George Clooney. Now she’s in LA and meets a new guy, but Stephen may not be done with his marriage and do what he must to save it, that is if Poppy even entertains that idea.

What We Think: The entirety of this film irritated to my very core. From the perception that Poppy should pursue a man, a man that is for all intents and purposes unattainable. There are ridiculous plots and there’s this drivel. Jordan is incredibly annoying. Her husband, to steal a phrase from Britain, is a “complete wanka”. Outside of the writing being terrible, it’s also not very funny. It’s shot in a very plain way and there’s nothing particularly spectacular about any of the cinematography. I don’t think that’s the film’s intent, it normally isn’t with “comedies”. Whatever the “plan” was this film is not doing it, not at all.

Our Grade: D+, It’s not so bad that I need to give it a complete failure but it really just isn’t good. At no point will you find yourself laughing at anything that occurs here. Narratively it’s almost devoid of most things. I really think that this is one you can all safely avoid and since it’s really hard to find you don’t have to go seek it out. I can’t even say this is a huge letdown because honestly I sort of expected it to be subpar. Nothing here worked, and sadly I’m not surprised.

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