Review: Thoroughbreds


Title: Thoroughbreds
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Cory Finley
Starring: Olivia CookeAnya Taylor-JoyAnton Yelchin
Runtime: 1 hr 32 mins

What It Is: Amanda (Cooke) is a (possible) sociopath who is being tutored by the rich kid Lily (Taylor-Joy). Lily really does not like her stepdad Mark (Paul Sparks) who is plotting to send her away to a private school. With Amanda’s help, they plot something really rather devious. Mark’s murder. When they enlist small-time weed peddler Tim (Yelchin) for his help things, as they often do, don’t go as smoothly as possible. Now they scramble to figure out the safest and easiest way to accomplish this heinous act.

What We Think: I very much enjoyed my time with this one. It comes off almost like a Lanthimos film with more digestible characters. These are girls who feel like characters in a movie but that’s just what you expect. Never in a million years would meet two sociopaths of this level of sophistication in the real world. I loved the odd chemistry between Cooke and Taylor-Joy. Rest in Peace Anton Yelchin, who was once again quite good in the smallest of roles. It’s a real shame we won’t get any more of it.

Our Grade: B+, Pacing issues don’t completely kill this. Some will look to this as nothing worth watching. Not particularly funny, not a strong enough of a satire I think the whole thing is very well-balanced on both ends. Check out this one for sure it’s a bit of an odd one, but I recommend it if you’re the adventurous kind. What you’ll find is a surprisingly well-directed film that makes me look forward to whatever Cory Finley does next. A good start for him on what looks to be a very bright future. Olivia Cooke has FINALLY made a movie worthy of her talent outside of the absolutely wonderful Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

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