“Perfect Blue”: A Discussion


Myself and our brand new Senior Film Critic Chai Simone discuss Satoshi Kon’s magnum opus and one of the greatest anime of all-time “Perfect Blue”

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Additionally here are some thoughts from our writer Mirlana during her first watch of this fantastic film.

Perfect Blue by Satoshi Kon is, without a doubt, a masterpiece. This was my first Satoshi Kon film, and I’ve never quite seen a style like his before. In Perfect Blue, Kon created an alternate reality that I was sucked into. He brilliantly weaved the concept of reality along with the main character’s struggle to succeed as an actor, putting the audience in the same mindset as Mima. There were parts of the film that were intentionally hazy and hard to decipher whether it was really a part of the story or just Mima’s fears. I loved the drama this created! Kon was able to make me literally gasp as the storyline progressed. The way he personified Mima’s doubts about her future left me speechless.
And, the editing? The animation itself? Absolutely beautiful. It was a true 90s charm. All of the scenes and expressions in the character’s faces were matched perfectly to the atmosphere. I loved, loved, loved, LOVED, this film.

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