Review: Plus One (2019 Tribeca Film Festival)


Title: Plus One
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Jeff Chan, Andrew Rhymer
Starring: Maya Erskine, Jack Quaid, Ed Begley Jr.
Runtime: 1 hr 39 mins

What It Is: College friends Alice (Erskine) and Ben (Quaid) are going to weddings throughout the summer. As they watch all of their friends getting married they start to question their own relationships (or lack thereof). You see Alice just got out of something and Ben can’t commit to anyone long enough. As the two go through this “summer of love” they learn about each other’s experiences..and about their vulnerabilities. They may find something they never thought they would.

What We Think: This film is hilarious. This films two central performances seemingly come to life. Particularly Maya Erskine absolutely shines. Not only does she get all the good jokes but she works with Quaid (who’s the straight man) really well. It’s smartly written, easily acted and simply shot. The last two might seem like negative critiques but they aren’t Chan and Rhymer don’t reinvent the wheel. They lean on genre tropes while having a script that’s fresh enough. This is a good ole fashion romantic comedy. One to be enjoyed in all its glory.

Our Grade: A-, Probably the film at Tribeca that I enjoyed the most. I was laughing the whole way through. Radiant Films picked up the rights and a June 14th release date is imminent. If you’re lucky enough to have this fantastic film playing near you go see it! That’s the biggest compliment I can offer a film is a recommendation without strings. Maya Erskine is going to be a star…if you don’t find her to be one already. This is a thoroughly entertaining film that has absolutely no right being as good as it is. So do your old pal a favor…see it.

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