Review: Idol (Fantasia Fest 2019)


Title: Idol
Rating: N/A
Director: Lee Su-jin
Starring: Han Suk-kyu, Sol Kyung-gu, Chun Woo-Hee
Runtime: 2 hr 24 mins

What is it: A Korean politician discovers that his son’s car has just run over someone.

What we think: This was an interesting film however my feelings are mixed. The performances were definitely more than tolerable from most of the actors. I was not particularly invested in the character of the politician’s son. His character did not feel developed enough for me to really show any interest especially since he didn’t seem to have any remorse for having had killed one or more individuals.   The production value was good for the most part. I am however rather conflicted with the storyline and the editing more than anything else. Given the title and the logline, I was under the impression that this film was going to be about what happened to the son after his crime and how it might affect his father’s career. However, after watching the trailer, I realized that part of the film was going to be about searching for an important character. The first time I watched this film, I was not entirely sure as to what this movie was supposed to have been about given how this movie ends. It seems the plot changed as did the storyline which made watching this movie confusing and misleading. Overall, the plot and storyline really needed to be more consistent and developed further as did some of the characters.

Our grade: C, So this is an intriguing film however a touch on the weird side taking into consideration how this movie starts and ends. If certain aspects are worked on further and more consistency is shown throughout, this movie definitely would be better. Ultimately, not my favorite film but certainly not the worst I’ve seen. Shout out to Fantasia Fest for letting us check this out!

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