Review: Rocketman


Title: Rocketman
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Dexter Fletcher
Starring: Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden
Runtime: 2 hrs 1 min

What It Is: Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight pop superstar Sir Elton John (Egerton) got it all started as a little boy. Through a father who never really love him and a mother who saw him as no more than a nuisance. When he meets songwriter Bernie Taupin (Bell) a lifelong friendship and songwriting duo would be born. One that would lead to Elton topping all the charts for almost 50 years. Leaving us with some of the 20th centuries most iconic pieces of music.

What We Think: To start Taron Egerton is a marvel! He NAILS the performance here embodying everything that Elton John is. Not only that but unlike Rami Malak in Bohemian Rhapsody Egerton is actually singing and he sounds spectacular. This might be one of my favorite films of the year. Even though watching the lead character struggle should be difficult the music helps quell some of that. It doesn’t take away from the emotion or the weight of any particular moment. Fletcher instead makes some bold decisions with the script he’s given and the film is all the better for it.

Our Grade: A, This is a big, huge thumbs up! A truly rousing biopic that doesn’t misstep a single time. There’s so much here to like. Egerton would totally get Best Actor play if this film had come out a month or two from now. As it stands he’s a dark horse nominee but a worthy one. I can confidently recommend this film. No caveats nothing attached. Just go see this one it’ll have you rocking in the aisles. Singing at the top of your lungs and overall loving every minute. Some choice visual decisions by Fletcher make it a feast for the ears and eyes.

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