Review: Cosmic Candy (2019 Fantastic Fest)


Title: Cosmic Candy
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Rinio Dragasaki
Starring: Evi Dovelou, Dimitris Drosos, Maria Kitsou
Runtime: 1 hr 40 mins

What It Is: When a young grocery clerk named Anna (Dovelou) is thurst upon the responsibility of taking care of his neighbor’s daughter when he suddenly disappears. At the same time, her favorite confection “Cosmic Candy” is being removed from shelves and she’s going through a bit of a crisis to say the least. Being a rather neurotic woman she’s not exactly the ideal person to be taking care of this child. Along the way, she’s battling her own mental demons.

What We Think: There’s something about this film that I really enjoyed. Perhaps it’s the quirk of it all. I mean there’s certainly plenty. Evi Dovelou is absolutely fantastic here and she really nails home Anna’s personality. Visually there are some really cool things here. Special attention to those “Cosmic Candy” inserts from Anna’s mind. Most of the other characters aren’t very likable that hurts this slightly. I thought that the young girl in this was super bratty for a lot of the runtime and narratively it is kinda flawed. Greece continues to put forth excellent and unique filmmaking.

Our Grade: B-, If you’re able to find this one check it out! It’s another example as I mentioned above of a Greek director showing some visionary stuff. Looking at Yorgos Lanthimos with stuff like The Favourite, or Panos Cosmatos and Mandy. This film is not up to those standards, obviously but it’s still a pretty damn good film. I’m going to give this a mild recommendation. I was kind of surprised by this one. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t what I got from this slight surprise courtesy of Fantastic Fest. Check this one out for sure…don’t let the subtitles fool you!

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