Review: The Pool (2019 Fantastic Fest)


Title: The Pool
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Ping Lumpraploeng
Starring: Theeradej Wongpuapan, Ratnamon Ratchiratham, An Alligator
Runtime: 1 hr 31 mins

What It Is: Following a commercial shoot Day (Wongpuapan) the art director on duty is tasked with the cleanup. This includes draining the Olympic-sized pool. Alongside his dog, he’ll attempt to get it done. After working super hard on the clean up he falls asleep on a floaty. When he wakes up the water level has lowered too much for him to escape the pool. As the water level continues to lower the tension heightens. Add in an alligator that was on the loose and Day MIGHT be in trouble.

What We Think: You ever watch a film so ridiculous, so completely stupid it just clicks. One that makes you feel like you’re in on the joke? Well, when that happens and you ARE in on the joke it can lead to things like this. At every turn, Day is getting punched right in the nuts by karma. Ther situations were ludicrous and kept becoming more so. I was in on it. This is some of the most fun I’ve had at the movies all year. I walked out of this, the third film of my four-film day, rejuvenated.

Our Grade: B, SEE THIS! It’s exactly what you want. Don’t see this by yourself though get a group of friends around the ole idiot box (it’s on Amazon Prime) and have a time! Do not take my grade as an approval of the film from a filmmaking standpoint. It’s poorly made and the CGI is bad. But, like…duh. There’s something to be said for just having a damn good time and enjoying a film. Don’t let the subtitles detract you from a film that, even if the political message it is pushing is clear, doesn’t lose you.

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