Review: Luxor (Sundance 2020)


Title: Luxor
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Zeina Durra
Starring: Andrea Riseborough, Michael Landes, Karim Saleh
Runtime: 1 hr 25 mins

What It Is: Hana (Riseborough) is a British aid worker who is returning to the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor. When an old flame named Sultan (Saleh) reappears because he has a dig on site in the very same city. As Hana starts to realize that her past is something she may not forget she is also trying to formulate some sort of future while struggling in the present. Will she figure it out? Who really knows.

What We Think: This film is…kinda boring. Andrea Riseborough is always always ALWAYS so good. That’s no different here. It’s just that the storytelling and script around her are so…bleh. Zeina Durra is an extremely talented director. Some of the shots here are gorgeous. It’s indisputable that shooting this on location in Luxor, Egypt helped a whole hell of a lot. Riseborough had a fantastic Sundance. Coupling this with Possessor shows her dynamic range and wonderful ability as an actress. Sadly, when it comes down to it its Durra’s script that lets this down. It sags in too many places and outside of a wonderful little musical moment doesn’t have a ton of interesting things.

Our Grade: C-, By no means a terrible film it’s only real sin is sort of the biggest one. It’s boring. I caught myself nodding off a few times during this one. That just never really happens to me. I even had snacks and everything. Listen if this story entices you by no means am I saying you shouldn’t go and see this! In fact, do so! It’s a beautiful piece full of great direction. If that’s all you care about you’re in for a treat. But for fellas like me who are story hounds maybe skip this trip to Egypt.

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