Review: Love, Wedding, Repeat


Title: Love, Wedding, Repeat
MPAA Rating: TV-MA
Director: Dean Craig
Starring: Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, Freida Pinto
Runtime: 1 hr 40 mins

What It Is: Jack (Claflin) is attending his sister’s wedding. His sister Hayley (Eleanor Tomlinson) has invited her American friend Dina (Munn). Who had previously been on a date (that went well) with Jack. Likewise, Jack’s ex Amanda (Pinto) is there with her new boyfriend Chaz (Allan Mustafa). If you think that’s the end of it I’m sorry to tell ya that’s just where our story begins. At this wedding in an almost paradise in Italy Murphy’s Law will run wild.

What We Think: I’ve never been a huge fan of Sam Claflin. He’s just never really hit it for me. Having said that, I will tell you I loved him here! Charming, funny, and full of life his Jack is the lifeblood of this film. Everything in this wacky world revolves around him and his situation with Dina. There are laughs to be had which is more then I can say for a vast of comedies that Netflix puts out. Which given how low that bar is might not seem like saying much. Nevertheless, this had a “Death at a Funeral” vibe to the madness.

Our Grade: C+, A valiant effort, and one not devoid of laughs. It isn’t nearly as strong as say Palm Springs which premieres in July on Hulu and is an amazing comedic piece. No, this one is simply pretty good. If you’re like me and enjoy romantic comedies this is one to see. If you don’t it’ll be a hard sell. If you invest the time Claflin and Munn are more then worth the price of admission. There’s some lovely stuff here from Netflix. Obviously it’s available now to watch for anyone with a subscription to the streaming service.

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