Review: All About Who You Know


Title: All About Who You Know
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Jake Horowitz
Starring: Dylan Everett, Niamh Wilson, Stephen Joffe
Runtime: 1 hr 51 mins

What It Is: Cole (Everett) is a screenwriting student…and kind of a jerk. When he meets the beautiful Haley (Wilson) he isn’t quite as smitten as he is with the fact that her father is an award-winning screenwriter in his own right. Realizing that he can get closer to her dad Michael (David Hewlett) and perhaps help his career he hatches a plan to deliberately get Haley to fall in love with him. But what happens when things don’t quite go as planned.

What We Think: Yeah this film tends to go through the motions. Sure the attribute of having the protagonist be a screenwriter adds SOMETHING but really this is just a standard romantic comedy. Our leads have decent chemistry but Everett’s performance is not much to write home about. I think Horowitz’s script (he also directs) is ironically probably in need of a once over from his own character. I liked Niamh Wilson here. She’s a newcomer for us and we’ll see where she goes next. Even if writing isn’t Horowitz’s strong suit he does an excellent job behind the camera. Cutting at just the right moment and making enough correct adjustments to keep the film LOOKING more interesting then it is.

Our Grade: C+, Nothing to “write” home about. This one is very mediocre but there are tiny moments in here that might just stick. Some of the one-shots from this are postcard-worthy but outside of that meh. None of the central figures are likable in the least bit. That’s perhaps this film’s biggest flaw. Had they made any of the characters the least bit likable their story and arc tends to matter less. This is definitely a situation where if you WANT to check it out you absolutely should but don’t seek it out.

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