Review: One Man and His Shoes


Title: One Man and His Shoes
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Yemi Bamiro
Starring: David Falk, Jemele Hill, Scoop Jackson
Runtime: 1 hr 23 mins

What It Is: In 1984 the lowly Chicago Bulls drafted, out of the University of North Carolina…Michael Jordan. His negotiation tactics and the deal he rendered would change the business of basketball forever. No player had ever had their own shoe. No player had ever had an agreement with Nike and as the star of the greatest basketball player of all-time rose so too did the profile of the kicks that got him there and subsequently the company that brought it all to life. In this documentary, a light is shone on the cultural phenomenon that the Jordan brand became.

What We Think: What I love about this particular documentary is that its focus is well split between the Jordan as simply a show as well as it being a cultural disruptor. Not just to the game and business of basketball but to that of Black culture in America. The interviews are from people whom the brand has had a lifelong effect on. It also doesn’t shy away from the dangers methodology such as the ones discussed bring forth.

Our Grade: B-, This is an excellent companion piece to the documentary series The Last Dance. Lending further understanding of its subjects. Subjects that the wonderful docuseries on slightly touches on. VICE is incredible at telling truly human stories. From stuff like this to their excellent Dark Side of the Ring series they just understand their subjects. See this whether you’re a fan of the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, or the Jordan brand. It does an incredible job of telling the tale. I mean I really don’t know what else you want me to say. It’s a well put together little documentary. See it.

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