Review: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


Title: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Jason Woliner
Starring: Sasha Baron Cohen, Maria Bakalova
Runtime: 2h 9 mins

What It Is: After the first Borat movie released, Kazakhstan spiraled into a collective rage leading to the subsequent humiliation and imprisonment of Borat Sadgiyev (Cohen)–but when the leader of Kazakhstan is determined to get on President Trump’s good side by sending him a sex chimp, he hires Borat to do the job. When Borat finds his fifteen year-old daughter Tutar (Bakalova) snuck in with the chimp’s shipping box and ate it, Borat decides it would be best to send Mike Pence his daughter as a bride in order to please the Trump administration. The duo continue to make Tutar the perfect American wife as they go on their way to the Republican conventions.

What We Think: The biggest movie event of the year! –There’s my trailer-quote for you–and no, I’m not just saying it. It’s been years since we’ve felt the rush of that devilish satisfaction from seeing Sasha Baron Cohen, the saint he is, portraying less-than intelligent characters navigating through the heartlands of America in order to put the follies and ego of many on display. We had the Ali G Show, then Borat, Brüno, The Dictator, and Who is America?… and yet it never seems enough (and likely never will be).

What the Gods have gifted us this year is the loveliest break from the horrors of 2020 in which we can enjoy ourselves by laughing at how nonsensical and pathetic people can be. Yet again does Cohen strike us with his genius packed inside an unabashedly racist, sexist, banana-hammock-wearing, dumb piece-of-shit-with-heart adult man Borat Sadgiev who has a knack of revealing the worst or best in people. You bet I was belly-laughing every couple of minutes–funny thing is, I never belly laugh. Packed in this ultimate comedy is the sense that not only was it a response to the world missing the notorious presence of Borat, but also a response to the state of division and the advanced level of ignorance (stupidity) that continues in America today, which obviously pissed off and will continue to piss off many. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm takes such an obvious stance in making fun of if not repeatedly revealing the relationship between many American people and their false prophets. To be fair, this also happened with the first Borat though not during such a time of political, economical, and ideological turmoil. It’s still a difficult reality many refuse to face.

Subsequent Moviefilm does not just pack punches though, much like Who is America? (which is also just as scathing and hilarious), it finds great comedy and humility through its self-aware humor, even including a few references (that feel much like Easter Eggs) from the first Borat movie and its lore and history surrounding it (for example, IRL Kazakhstan did actually hate Borat because of how the movie made the country look following its release). As always, Cohen is great. Nothing more needs to be said about that. Beyond him we have our other protagonist. Yes–I put her character up on that level of importance as not only is she Borat’s foil, but is also seen with just as much importance and screen time as her legendary counterpart. I loved Tutar, whose name also reminds me of the caveman episode of Spongebob (ie, Patar and Spongegar). Maria Bakalova was incredible to watch and just as funny as she delivered some of the most graphic and hilarious jokes and scenes in the movie, as well as brought a lot of heart to the table as well.

Lastly, this movie pissed off a lot of sexual predators. Very nice!

Our Grade: A, Beautiful timing, smart, at times intensely gross, and maintains a stark sense of humanity despite its pointed sense of humor. As always, Cohen’s humor never crosses the line into mean-spiritedness (unless deserved). The existence of this movie, the loving hilarity that it brings with it, and the edge Borat brings back in its telling satire–it’s all justified history-in-the-making. Everything works perfectly in conjunction with each other–literally, every aspect of this movie is funny. The timing, the intricate (at times even dangerous) setups, the people, the characters, the story, the plot–even the soundtrack and music cues are caused me some giggles. Everything lands. While whether or not it’s just as good as its predecessor, it is a wonderful movie on its own and has made the list along with Borat and Bruno as one of my favorite comedies of all time. There isn’t enough love in the world I could give to these movies and of course I do recommend literally everyone go see it.

You can watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm on Amazon Prime

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