Review: Unpregnant


Title: Unpregnant
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Rachel Lee Goldenberg
Starring: Haley Lu Richardson, Barbie Ferreira, Giancarlo Esposito
Runtime: 1 hr 43 mins

What It Is: Veronica (Richardson) is the perfect student. She’s smart does what needs to be done and is extremely organized and responsible. So when she becomes pregnant that…well that was unexpected. Now being that she lives in Missouri, a state in which abortion is illegal, she must search for a state that will allow one…without parental permission. Now she asks her former best friend Bailey (Ferreira) to drive her across the country to New Mexico to handle this delicate procedure.

What We Think: It’s clear to me that most are fans of another abortion film that came out in 2020. We weren’t huge fans of it. So much so we were attacked by people associated with it. This is a much better movie than that one. Haley Lu Richardson continues to make fantastic decisions. She is once again terrific. It’s Barbie Ferreira that steals the show here. Working with a script written by director Rachel Lee Goldenberg from a novel by Jenni Hendriks the two leads really allow the words and situations to shine. It does beat you over the head with its perspective on the subject manner. Honestly, though it doesn’t adversely affect the outcomes.

Our Grade: A-, HBO MAX chose a real winner in buying this one! This was a complete surprise for me. This is equal parts funny and touching. A film whose central friendship hits the typical spots. It is the charm of the delivery and the situations that they get into that leads to this film being what it is. Fun, funny even those who don’t agree with the film’s central message will find something here to enjoy! If you have HBO MAX…and why wouldn’t you (they have TCM!) then this is an easy find.

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