Review: Alone Together (SXSW 2021)


Title: Alone Together
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Bradley Bell, Pablo Jones-Soler
Starring: Charli XCX
Runtime: 1 hr 10 mins

What It Is: In this documentary, we’re given the inside track on hyper pop superstar Charli XCX. As she deals with the realities of lockdown, like most of us did in 2020, she’s trying to craft another album. With limited to no resources she does just that. Her 4th studio album, which might even be her best, entitled “how i’m feeling now” is out much to the adoration of her fans known as ‘Charli’s Angels’. An intimate look into a very millennial way of crafting an album in 2020.

What We Think: There’s a lot to like in this. Charli seems like a highly likable woman and her history gives the music she crafts for this album a backstory. Hyper pop is a genre I’m none too familiar with but Charli is the genre’s true queen. A lot of that music relies on the very principles presented in this documentary. A fervent fanbase, DIY approach to musical creation, and genuine ingenuity. All of the footage here is wonderfully put together by Bell and Jones-Soler. It takes a bit of mad genius to make a music doc happen.

Our Grade: B+, If you’re one of ‘Charli’s Angels’ well you’re going to love this. This is such an honest look at an artist I didn’t know much about outside of her cameo in the Iggy Azalea hit ‘Fancy’. It was an insightful doc that showed respect to it’s subject while also being able to take the layperson to the subject and educate them. By no means is that an easy task, but Bell and Jones-Soler deserve credit for the way they’ve done it here. I can recommend everyone check this out. Give it a shot, it’s worth it, especially if you love documentaries.

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