Review: Dating & New York (Tribeca 2021)


Title: Dating & New York
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Jonah Feingold
Starring: Francesca Reale, Jaboukie Young-White, Catherine Cohen
Runtime: 1 hr 31 mins

What It Is: Dating can be…difficult. It’s especially difficult in the modern age. For Milo (Young-White) and Wendy (Reale) having someone, you can call a friend (and occasional booty call) is an absolute must. But what happens when that swipe right turns out to be the right swipe? What happens when Milo and/or Wendy “catch feelings” despite agreeing not to? Dating can be difficult…it’s even harder in the city of New York and it’s impossible once you know what you want but cannot have.

What We Think: A modern spin on Harry Met Sally there are so many fantastic things happening here. Feingold’s cast is so well put together and their chemistry is palpable on-screen. Whether that’s due to the script (which is great) or natural chemistry between the two it makes the whole thing enjoyable. As I mentioned earlier the script, which Feingold also wrote, really moves along and makes the whole film so damned enjoyable. It’s clear what Feingold’s inspirations are and that’s totally fine because it never comes off as derivative. This film is a love letter to its influences, one crafted carefully and brilliantly. Great performances from top to bottom. A film that’ll make you believe that men and women CAN be friends but that sometimes it’s braver to take the leap of faith. This is one of the years best films. I can’t speak more highly about how much I enjoyed this one.

Our Grade: A, This is one of my favorite films of the year. In a year full of big surprises this one might be the biggest surprise of them all. A well-made proper RomCom for the digital age. Well-casted and carefully directed. This is a film that I can’t recommend more highly. It’s out now on VOD and you should…each and every one of you, check this film out ASAP. It’s worth your time and you’d be helping independent cinema. Which, is most important of all. Be sure to check out our interview with director Jonah Feingold. It’s below so no excuse.

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