Review: Agnes (Tribeca 2021)


Title: Agnes
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Mickey Reece
Starring: Molly C. Quinn, Sean Gunn, Hayley McFarland
Runtime: 1 hr 33 mins

What It Is: There are rumors of a potential demonic possession at a convent full of nuns. The nun in question, Agnes (McFarland), seems to be possessed by something. They send in a priest, Father Donaghue (Ben Hall), and his protege Benjamin (Jake Horowitz) to investigate on behalf of the church. When disaster strikes it is Mary (Quinn) who takes the blame, being that she was closest to Agnes. This causes a crisis of faith that may not be undone. 

What We Think: This is a tale of three acts. The first is an interesting religious thriller, the second a horror film revolving around a mystery, the last and worst some amalgam of a character study and a supernatural thriller in the third act. What I do not get is how in the world the editors for this movie came to the conclusion without being under the influence of heavy narcotics. This giant mess is brought to us by director Mickey Reece who’s career includes many MANY films of varying quality. Last time we reviewed Climate of the Hunter. 25 features in 10 years tell you that he’s a guy that cares about getting the job done. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This film though, it’s a bad thing.

Our Grade: D+, Yeah as if the previous words weren’t confirmation I hated this. You ever dip a cookie in milk for too long? It’s just extra soft and crumbles. That’s the third act of this film. Just falling right apart. Listen, this film is the definition of avoid at all cost. If not for the fact that it’s a pretty film it’d be a complete failure. Reece definitely understand HOW to shoot a movie with this one he just forgot to put all the pretty pieces together.

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