Review: Barbarians (Fantastic Fest 2021)


Title: Barbarians
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Charles Dorfman
Starring: Iwan Rheon, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Tom Cullen
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins

What It Is: A screenwriter (Rheon) and his artist girlfriend (Moreno) invite over some friends for a beautiful dinner. Their home is located in a new housing project that was controversially built. When their friend (played by Cullen) arrives he doesn’t do so alone. After an argument with each other something happens that will change their lives forever. But why and who is behind the shenanigans that have occurred over this friendly, seemingly harmless dinner.

What We Think: This is the type of movie that is a really good sum of other movies parts. It’s reminiscent of The Strangers insofar as situations that occur. The real meat and potatoes of this film though are the relationships between the four main characters. It is their chemistry and their banter that make the film. Iwan Rheon is really working against the “type” he’s famous for. Tom Cullen is once again really good. He always seems to bring it in everything he is in. Charles Dorfman is doing good work here. Really lets scenes marinate cutting only when needed. My biggest and only gripe here is that the suspense doesn’t hit nearly as well as it should.

Our Grade: C+, This is a good film that had the potential to be great. Dorfman, though normally a producer could definitely continue as a director if he wants to. Make sure you hit up our YouTube channel for our interview with Charles where we discuss it all. Back to the film. I recommend this one, though according to the director it may be a while before you all get the pleasure of seeing it. When you do though it’s worth your time so go ahead and do it. Check out the interview HERE.

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