Review: Reklaw


Title: Reklaw
Director: Polaris Banks
Starring: Lance Henriksen, Tasha Guevara, Polaris Banks, Scott Allen Perry, Clara Francesca Pagone
Runtime: 12 mins

What It Is: Disillusioned by the justice system, a rogue prosecutor and his team of uniquely talented criminals destroy evidence to keep as many people from prison as possible, but when one of their crime scene clean-ups is revisited by the killer, the strength of their convictions is tested.

What We Think: Let me start off by saying that Reklaw is the most captivating short I’ve seen all year. A bold statement for a first impression, I know – but absolutely honest in every way. This film does what every short film should do right: perfect pacing, an engaging script, and most of all – have an original and interesting story. After having seen the film, these aspects are nothing less than the truth. I learned how intense the production of this short was, with director Polaris Banks going through what seems to me like a very difficult journey (one that many independent filmmakers experience), and it’s crystal clear that he put his heart and soul into the making of the film; something I deeply admire and congratulate him and his cast/crew.

Speaking of the cast – everyone is really great. The best way I can put it is that each of their characters and the way they’re portrayed represent the multiple themes and subgenres in the film – one is more comedic, another more stoic, and one character (and actor) in particular floored me. Lance Henriksen delivers a monologue near the end of the short that entranced me completely, that rooted my investment in the world that Banks has created – which is again, a fantastic original concept. The blend of comedy, thriller, science fiction, and mystery is the perfect milkshake of a story, and it had me engaged from the opening minute of the film. What makes this short so good is that a) the characters feel so lived in, this adventure isn’t their first and it won’t be their last either, and b) the themes and concepts that are presented here stuck with me after the credits, rather than just being a one-off experience.

Our Grade: A: An exceptional short that shows what the passion and hardships of a talented writer/director can accomplish. An original story, great performances, and a tight script – this is one filmmaker I would love to see more of!

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