Review: Resurrection (2022 Sundance Film Festival)


Title: Resurrection
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Andrew Semans
Starring: Rebecca Hall, Tim Roth, Grace Kaufman
Runtime: 1 hr 43 mins

What It Is: Margaret (Hall) is a powerful and successful woman. One haunted by a specter of the past. When she thinks she sees someone from her past it begins to play with her psyche. Leaving the normally strong and steadfast Margaret peaking behind each corner wondering if and when the other shoe is going to drop. This man, named David (Roth) seems to have control of Margaret simply by existing. Setting off a series of events that’ll shape her future.

What We Think: This film is glued together loosely by a stellar turn from Hall. Without it, you’d have a meandering mess more akin to her last horror foray The Night HouseThis isn’t to say that the overall experience isn’t worth the time because quite frankly it is. Semans does a great job behind the camera and his script is overall solid. Even when the film bends to the left when it should stay straight ahead there’s something to be said for taking a leap and trusting your writing. I think if anything Semans’ camera is the second-best character in this and elevates everything about this.

Our Grade: B-, Serviceable at times and excellent at others this was one of the films at this festival that I went in knowing nothing about. I really believe that helped this film shine. It is obviously not for everyone. The film is deliberately paced and frankly that’s what makes it work. Come for the lead performance stay for the taut tension. There’s a cloud above the whole thing and that’s the suspense that you’re being held under the entire time. If you find time to breath here…do it. That sweet oxygen may come at a premium.

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