Review: Brian and Charles


Title: Brian and Charles
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Jim Archer
Starring: David Earl, Chris Hayward, Louise Brealey
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins

What It Is: It is a brutal winter in the North of Wales. This has led Brian (Earl) into a deep depression. Lonely and cold Brian is in search of something to rid him of this ailment. In his loneliness and search for someone, anyone to talk to he does what anyone in his position would do…he builds a robot. Now the robot, which named himself Charles is the closest thing poor Brian has had to a friend in some time.

What We Think: Based on Archer’s short of the same name this is a lovely portrait of the importance of other people in our lives. A discussion on how important being alive WITH others is. Archer builds on this short from 2017. He took that backbone and really dug into his psyche as Brian. Earl and Hayward who play and voice the main characters also wrote the short and it is crystal clear these are characters they love. I did not expect this movie to hit on an emotional level so highly. Its exploration of mental health is refreshing and the fact that the main character is a man exploring this is even better. I feel like art doesn’t discuss men’s mental health in a way that is relatable.

Our Grade: B, This was an absolute treat of a film that filled a void in me I did not expect. I cannot recommend this one any more highly. These are the types of situations I love. One where the film had no expectations from me and blew those away. I don’t know when this film will be coming out but when it does you should all do yourself a favor and see it. This is the sort of film that can change your attitude.

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