Review: Bite Me


Title: Bite Me
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Meredith Edwards
Starring: Naomi McDougall Jones, Christian Coulson, Naomi Grossman
Runtime: 1 hr 23 mins

What It Is: James (Coulson) works for the IRS. He is a lonely guy who hates his job and really does not have a lot of joy. Sarah (McDougall Jones) is a grave surveyor and a vampire. When James is tasked with the case of investigating Sarah’s religious sect as a church he does so to the best of his ability. That is until a little something called attraction gets in the way. Just a typical story of a boy who meets a girl…who just so happens to be a vampire.

What We Think: It gets tangled in a trend of too many tropes. It’s funny enough as it is but never allows the audience to see the forest through the trees. McDougall Jones also wrote this script and I think it’s one that gets its allegory across. That allegory is one I will not reveal and if it’s done purposefully then I applaud it. The film is at its core a romantic comedy but it is one that while sort of funny is bogged down too much by the tropes of the genre.

Our Grade: C, This is a film that is good enough. I think most audiences will enjoy it enough. It’s a 2019 film finally getting its release. Frankly, I kinda dug the writing. Meredith Edwards did a nice job behind the lens the sole problem is that neither one of those two elements coalesced with the other enough to make a coherent and full piece. I mean if you’re a fan of romantic comedies like I am you may enjoy this but there are a ton more options available in that regard. If it sounds good to you check it out.

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