Review: Gridlocked – On Tour With The Briggs


Title: Griclocked: On Tour with The Briggs
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Kevin James Berry
Starring: Joey and Jason La Rocca, Derik Envy
Runtime: 1 hr 20 mins 

What It Is: For around 20 years punk band The Briggs has been touring and making music in the punk rock lifestyle. We get an inside look at their ten-day west coast tour. We get some insight into what making music and their process is. How much their family means to them. Whether that’s chosen family or one they’ve built throughout the years. Life on the road is hard and we get the inside track on The Briggs and their adventures.

What We Think: This is a pretty straightforward rock doc. We follow the band we get to know them and their experiences and in the end, the film is over. The Briggs is a band I’ve actually seen live before. They put on a helluva show. That actually comes through very well here. Berry’s direction while nothing to write home about. The band’s members are interesting subjects and really fun fellows that make for a fun experience and one that’ll probably make you a fan of the band speaking non-musically. If you’re not a punk fan this isn’t bound to change your mind.

Our Grade: C+, This is a good but not great piece. One that is sort of niche. Fans of the band will probably really enjoy this but outside of that, I’m uncertain there’s a lot to grasp. You’re really either going to like it or you are very much not going to like it. What’ll make or break it for you is your response to the music the band makes itself. If you’re in the mood for a fairly fun and good-hearted documentary about a somewhat interesting punk band then yeah…go ahead and check this one out.

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