Review: No Exit


Title: No Exit
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Damien Power
Starring: Havana Rose Liu, Dennis Haysbert, Dale Dickey
Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins

What It Is: Darby (Rose Liu) is a drug addict currently in another rehab stint. When she receives a call that her mother is gravely ill in a hospital she’s going to try whatever she has to do to get there. Including leaving rehab and risking jail. When she steals a car in order to leave she gets caught up in a blizzard. Now she’s stuck in a rest stop with some strangers. Who are these people though and what exactly are their intentions?

What We Think: This is a film with an interesting concept that never quite gets off the ground. The writing is what lets this down. Everything that happens here sort of feels choreographed. It’s all predictable. This is coupled with a baseline script that doesn’t help the characters. No one here is really very likable by the end of it. Even the kid we’re supposed to feel for you just…don’t like her. This is a very nice-looking film but it doesn’t explore its scripts turf enough to be interesting. Dude, it’s just not exciting for a crime thriller. It’s also far too transparent.

Our Grade: D, I’m thankful for Hulu carrying this because I wouldn’t pay to see this with someone else’s money. Dale Dickey is in a wonderful film called A Love Song see that one instead of this predictable, terrible piece. With listless direction and cliched writing this is one to miss. I can say one positive thing about the film is that it looks pretty good so shoutout to cinematographer Scott Raby for competently doing his job. Outside of that most everyone else sort of…failed. Except the actors. They’re only working with what they’ve got. And what they’ve get is pretty bad.

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