Review: Employee of the Month (Tribeca 2022)

Title: Employee of the Month (L’employée du mois)
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Véronique Jadin
Starring: Jasmina Douieb, Laetitia Mampaka, Alex Vizorek
Runtime: 1 hr 18 mins

What It Is: Inès (Douieb) has worked for her company for many MANY years. Throughout those years she’s been mistreated too many times to count. When an incident occurs at work she tries to hide the potential crime so as not to be accused of it. With the help of a young intern named Melody (Mampaka), she’ll try to put out every little fire that seems to be popping up.

What We Think: The best thing going for this film is its runtime. It’s a paper-thin plot that is stretched to right about its limit. Jasmina Douieb is the centerpiece here and she’s actually FANTASTIC as the fed-up Inès. Mampaka is also quite funny here. Jadin does a nice job of stretching this as I mentioned. When you look at this on the whole there’s a clear message but I think it’s one that beats us over the head a bit too much. That’s the one big thing to pull from this is that you sorta already know where this is going but damn is it quite the ride to get there?

Our Grade: C+, Man. This was quite a nutty way to start my Tribeca experience for 2022. Batshit crazy at certain points and too much of a letdown at others it’s definitely not a film that everyone…or most will enjoy. To be completely honest the film was quite an interesting adventure and while not wholly unique it was fun enough and Douieb’s performance makes you like Inès enough to want to see her succeed. Outside of this, there’s not a huge audience for what this film is doing. It’s a bloody fun time though and often that is more than enough.