Review: About Fate


Title: About Fate
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Marius Vaysberg
Starring: Emma Roberts, Thomas Mann, Madelaine Petsch
Runtime: 1 hr 40 mins

What It Is: Margot (Roberts) and Griffin (Mann) live similar lives in similar places with similar tastes, but they don’t know each other…yet. When Margot’s (now ex) boyfriend Kip (Lewis Tan) leaves her she needs a date to her sisters wedding. A date her sister Carrie (Britt Robertson) doesn’t believe exist. Simultaneously Griffin’s (now ex?) girlfriend, influencer Clementine (Petsch) are in an odd place romantically. As our two leads meet they fill a void for each other, at least for the night. But is it sustainable?

What We Think: It’s a romantic comedy, but honestly it is one that is actually quite refreshing. Roberts and Mann have excellent chemistry. So much so that they sort of sizzle despite being utterly sweet with one and other, for the most part. The second part of the genres name Romantic Comedy, implies that there’s laughs to be had here. There are. A lot of this stems from Thomas Mann being pitch perfect. He hits every joke with just the right inference time and again. The films romantic angle is well done. It’s a really romantic story. I do think this is a higher level romcom and is well worth your time.

Our Grade: B+, It works itself towards its end and the pay off here is worth it. Featuring a lovely, and simple story this is one Romantic Comedy that fans of the genre (like myself) shouldn’t miss. It’s worth the rental price just for our good friend Lewis Tan who’s hilarious in his role of Kip. There’s so much to like here. Not any sort of reinvention of the wheel but the type of film that takes the cliches and works them newly enough to refresh a tired genre.

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